When cause of death is opioid overdose is it murder or malpractice? The case of Dr. Tseng

Dr. Jen Gunter

oxycodoneIs a doctor guilty of malpractice or murder or is the patient responsible for his or her actions when there is a death by overdose?

This is the question that a jury in Los Angeles will have to decide as they are presented the facts in the case of Dr. Lisa Tseng.

The prosecution’s version is that Dr. Tseng handed out opioids like candy without any regard for standard of care. Over the years at least 12 of her patients died from overdoses. She is now standing trial for three deaths. One of the deceased, Joey Rovero, 21 and an Arizona State University student, apparently traveled from Arizona with frat buddies to get a prescription from Dr. Tseng.  He received almost 100 30-Roxycodone tablets. The Prosecution says she wrote an average of 25 opioid prescriptions a day.

Dr. Tseng’s defense thus far seems to be that she was…

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