Ben Carson says a 22 week fetus can feel pain. Science says Carson is wrong.

Dr. Jen Gunter

Carson_fetalpainDr. Ben Carson, neurosurgeon and GOP hopeful, recently asked his supporters on Facebook to sign a petition to urge congress to pass H.R. 36 The Pain-Capable Child Protection Act.

This bill seeks to ban abortion after 22 weeks gestational age based on the lie that a fetus can feel pain at that gestation.

The bill is commonly reported as a 20-week abortion ban, but it is really a 22-week ban because the authors couldn’t be bothered to use correct medical terms. OB/GYNs NEVER use “post-fertilization age.” It’s not a thing at all. It’s pretty offensive to write a bill about women’s health care and not even get the wording correct. “Pain capable” isn’t medical terminology either, it’s made up mumbo jumbo. Gives you an idea how much thought and research went into the bill.

But Dr. Carson isn’t an OB/GYN so I’ll give him a pass on that abuse…

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