Todd Bartlem on Carly Fiorina. Is she a sociopath?

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Daily Mail article says

Todd Bartlem, who went on to become Fiorina’s first husband, accuses her of creating a misleading mythology and ‘losing her humanity’ for a ‘pathological’ pursuit of power.

That is exactly the impression I had of her before I read that.

Todd also explains that the story of how she rose from secretary to CEO is total bull, that was just a part-time job she had between dropping out of law school and starting business school.

The article also explains that shortly after she joined AT&T after graduating from business school, she began having an affair with a senior AT&T executive who obviously helped to jump-start her career. Sleeping to the top.

‘She is pathologically narcissistic and all she cares about is her,’ he said. ‘Nothing holds together with her.

‘I got kind of suspicious of her towards the end of the marriage because she had no…

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