Ben Carson unveils plan to stop abortions: daycare for children of “uneducated” women

Dr. Jen Gunter

Dr. Ben Carson was on The View today and said this:

“A lot of those young girls who are having babies out-of-wedlock — when they have that first baby, they stop their education and that child is four times as likely to grow up in poverty.” He then babbled on about daycare and GEDsand clearly it’s just the lack of childcare and a good man that drives women to have abortions. He also babbled on about uneducated women and abortion. You can watch the segment here:

Sigh. And this man is a doctor.

Dr. Carson has obviously not bothered to look at any demographics on abortion, or to speak with a gynecologist or anyone in public health, or done a Google searchbecause this is the kind of ill-informed spewing of misinformation I expect from someone with a degreein medieval history (like Carly Fiorina) medieval history (like Carly Fiorina). As…

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