The media also bears a lot of responsibility for the Planned Parenthood shooting

Dr. Jen Gunter

When we speak of organ or tissue donation in children and adults we say just that, kidneys or liver or skin grafts. Even face transplants. We do not call them body parts we use their anatomic terms. When fetal tissue is donated for medical research (much in same way a kidney or a liver is donated) a rational person interested in accuracy would say just that, “fetal tissue” and “donation.” Those with agendas other than accurate reporting and health care use the term baby parts, specifically harvesting baby parts to go for a maximum illusion of morbidity as if the medical care at Planned Parenthood were really a sequel to Robin Cook’s Coma. My BFF George Will, ever the wordsmith, took it to the next level calling Planned Parenthood a “meat market.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.43.16 PM

The idea that there was no proof of anything illegal in the videos, they were illegally obtained…

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