Are Nurses Guilty of Healthcare Disaster?

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U.S. Healthcare is on its Titanic voyage. Who wants the award for steering the modern Titanic?

It would seem that 2016, would be a great time for nurses to celebrate. After all, the nursing profession is golden as deemed by the recent Gallup poll results which found nurses to be the most trusted profession for an amazing 14 years in a row. In fact, over the last 17 years the only time nurses didn’t rank number 1 was when firemen received the prestigious award after the 911 disaster.
This merit, voted on by the American public, is a lot to be proud of when you consider that nurses had some tough competition. The highest rating for honesty and ethical standards, was won by nurses over twenty other esteemed vocations including doctors, judges, teachers, safety officers, military and clergy!
So what gives? Are nurses to blame for the bad news in healthcare? How can we fault the angels of…

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