Dear Supreme Court, legislating substandard medical care is an undue burden

Dr. Jen Gunter

article-2306301-192A17E9000005DC-388_306x466The Texas law that uses “safety regulations” to limit abortion services in Texas is set to go to the Supreme Court.

The law in question is HB2 and it includes:

  • A 22 week ban
  • 4 visits for a medical abortion
  • Abortion providers have admitting privelgaes at a hospital within within 30 miles
  • Abortion clinics must meet the space requirements of ambulatory surgical centers

Each one of these is either bad medicine or unnecessary medically (you can argue that is bad medicine too as unnecessary care is something we are all trying to fight against to lower the costs of health care in America and make medicine safer, oh the irony).

Let’s break each one down

A 22 week ban

The GOP is in love with the lie that women hop into abortion clinics at 30 weeks on a whim. but only 1.3% of women have abortion after 21 weeks…

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