Oklahoma State Medical Association’s shameful response to draconian abortion bill

Dr. Jen Gunter

Senate Bill 1552 is on the Governor of Oklahoma’s desk. If signed into law abortion per se wouldn’t become illegal, it’s just if a doctor does one she or he would lose their medical license. There is an exception to save a mother’s life, but no rape exception.

If enacted this would be the most draconian abortion law in the country.

It’s terrifying on several grounds.

First of all doctors will stop doing abortions. No one’s malpractice insurance is going to fight to defend their license if “convicted” of performing an abortion. We all know what happens when women can’t get abortions, legal abortions stop but illegal ones continue. All abortion laws do is make abortion unsafe for women.

With no doctors able to perform abortions in a few years who exactly will be able to perform a life saving abortion at 21 weeks? I can tell you from experience…

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