Gwyneth Paltrow’s toxic lube advice

Dr. Jen Gunter

Today’s episode of Gunter v. GOOP involves the post on lube, written of course by a naturopathic doctor, for Gwyneth Paltrow’s tepidly awaited first sex issue. After all, why ask a board certified OB/GYN when you can ask someone with infinitely less training in both medicine and science. Want to know about naturopathic training, read this fantastic piece by a naturopathic doctor who became disenfranchised when she realized her training was clearly insufficient to provide safe medical care.

The piece on lube starts with the typical heart wrenching plea about chemicals and focuses on the mantra that basically everything else except a food oil is potentially unsafe for the vagina. It’s a mixture of the most superficial knowledge on the subject spiced  up with fear mongering that misses most of the major points on how to select the best lube and why some irritate. There is little, if any…

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