MMRSA and Medical Marijuana Cultivation Bans: 6 Advocacy Tips to Take Now

Cannabis Industry Today

Medical Cannabis Cultivation; Oaksterdam University

The Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) was passed in September of last year to create a comprehensive state licensing system for the commercial cultivation, manufacture, retail sale, transport, distribution, delivery and testing of medical cannabis. As the State of California moves forward with these regulations, cities and counties have begun to pass cannabis ordinances, especially cultivation bans. Below we outline just how prevalent they are and offer suggestions for taking the proper steps to prevent such a ban where you live.

Unfortunately, how and why California local jurisdictions are passing cultivation bans rather than developing regulations could be due to the now repealed MMRSA March 1 deadline for cities and counties to put their own medical marijuana cultivation regulations in place before granting the Department of Food and Agriculture sole licensing authority for medical marijuana cultivation applicants.

According to California NORML, there were over 400 localities where cultivation…

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