Cannabis heals psoriasis

Patients for Medical Cannabis

We made this blog post to answer a recent question from one of our readers, Frances. Hope this helps! Please leave any  question sin the comments area, and we’ll try to find an answer.

I am a senior, 77 yr. I have psoriasis very bad on feet,lots of days the pain is too bad to stand on feet. I also have psoriasis on arms, legs and my back. Will cannabis help east this terrible disease? Can I make cannabis oil and salve, if so, how to make and how to use the oil and salve? I don’t have any other medical problems, only this terrible itch and pain when feet crack, peel and bleed.


Researchers have barely studied medical marijuana as a treatment for psoriatic disease. One study, published in 2007, showed that cannabis — the chemical compound in marijuana considered responsible for the pain-relieving effects —…

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