Long-Term Marijuana Use Could Have Zero Effect on IQ

Cannabis Patients Alliance

You’ve probably heard about the New Zealand study showing that early pot smokers have lower IQs. When you hear claims about a 6-8 point drop in IQ for people who use cannabis during their teen years, this is generally the study they’re referring to. What you probably haven’t read about is the other study published in the same journal using the same data set but coming to quite different conclusions, essentially debunking everything in the other study.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences sparked a new round of worries about the dangers of smoking pot—especially for those who start smoking at younger ages. The study found that consistent marijuana use gradually eroded cognitive functioning and IQ, and with the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington, it’s made an appearance in a number of articles arguing that legalized pot poses a serious health hazard. A second study published in the…

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