Call the “March for Life” what it really is, a March for Lies

Dr. Jen Gunter

Today is the annual anti choice march, offensively called the March for Life.

If you identify with the so-called “pro-life” movement in the United States then you support an organization advancing beliefs based on lies. This is fact. 

The forced birth movement, which is what they should be a called by anyone in the press who cares about facts, advances lies about IUDs being abortifacients and varies lies about abortion safety. For example, the forced birth movement has advanced the idea that abortion causes breast cancer (wrong), that abortion causes depression (nope again), and that it is risky (it is safer than pregnancy by a long shot).

They also support laws that force doctors to lie about abortion safety to women and of course they want to make abortion illegal. Making abortion illegal only makes safe abortion illegal. This is also fact. If laws prevented abortions there would not be…

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