Dear Tom Price, I have some questions about my new pre-existing condition

Dr. Jen Gunter

Dear Secretary Price,

This week I acquired a new pre-existing condition. In a sane world I should just be able to say I have pneumonia, but America is teetering on insanity when it comes to health care and I, like many, am worried about affordable access to health care and it is now your job to reassure me.

Last week I felt ill. High fever and terrible muscle aches. I missed two days of clinic, which you must know is very unusual for a doctor. I suppose it’s a combination of feeling our illnesses are somehow different (in the same way we surgeons think we are naturally sterile, you know?!), thinking we are being a hypochondriac unless body parts are falling off, decades of learning to suck it up, not wanting to leave patients hanging who may have taken time off work for appointments or surgery, and the fear of…

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