The Difference Between Activism and Advocacy

Cannabis Patients Alliance

Advocacy I’ve always considered myself an advocate. People are familiar with what an activist does, but seem confused about the role of an advocate. Both are important. They are very closely related, and their activities often overlap, but there are differences in the roles they fulfill and the techniques they use.

This opinion piece by Melissa Schwartz, who leads the public affairs practice at The Bromwich Group, provides a good description of the roles played by activists and advocates, and why both are important in trying to effect change.

It’s a painful confession: I am no longer an activist. I am an advocate.

I loved being an activist. I loved losing my voice at rallies and participating in sit-ins. But the problem with spending too much time in Washington, D.C. is that after years of rallying against the man, I found out I had to actually work with him.

There is…

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