15 Reasons to Say, “Please Pass the Watermelon”

The MD, PhD Is In

This tongue-in-cheek article is on the very serious subject of Immunonutrition. A little- used word in the general public, it is an international concept used by millions of medical professionals for at least the past 8 years. We at “The MD, PhD is In” would like to see that you know about it.

Just for about 3 minutes, let’s pretend it’s the dead heat of summer and you just went to a swimming pool party and saw a huge carved watermelon.
On ice.

Is it just ‘water’ in a huge ball?


Hey! Let's Eat Watermelon!

 Image 1. Ripley’s Epic Watermelons.Really, they don’t have teeth in them that will bite. Photo Courtesy epicwatermelons.


1. Immunonutrition. 
Immune System (fights cancer and infections)   +   Good Nutrition (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory

2. Botanics. Watermelon is…

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